Shaving Helmet turns a head bald, quickly

When I saw this picture of the shaving helmet, I couldn’t help but think of the beginning of Full Metal Jacket which showed the several men getting their head shaved for the army.
All I could think of was how easy it would be for multiple head shavings with this shaving helmet. It can actually turn a head with some hair into a cue ball in about 20 seconds, without cutting the cranium.
This shaving helmet has four blades mounted on Teflon-coated aluminum rails that can slide up and down. The head gets a bath of shaving cream before the harvest of hair begins. You should be able to see this in action in a video after the jump.
I don’t know what’s going to happen to someone who has long and big eighties hair and you put the shaving helmet on. Will it actually take out the hair, and where will the hair go? Imagine if you take off your shaving helmet and all the hair just falls off.
I think that what we have is sort of a proof of concept, but I don’t see any word on my Source on who intends to market this. I’m sure the military is interested in this if they are.


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