The Sharper Image Charging Valet

00011169-z1I’m sure most of the readers of this blog probably have way too many gadgets, and these gadgets have an annoying habit of always needing to be charged. Why not have one place where you charge them all simultaneously?

Well, at least you can have one place to do three at a time, which is what the Portable Charging Valet from Sharper Image is designed to do. Yes, because it is made by Sharper Image, it is a Charging Valet, not a charging mat. All the user has to do is unfold the Valet, plug it in, and there are three cords ready to charge his or her favorite mobiles. There is a video of it in action after the jump if you want to see more.

The Charging Valet comes with five of the most used power tips such as Apple, Micro USB, Mini USB, plus Samsung and LG. The valet conveniently folds up and magnetically locks together, and then can be placed in its included case that also locks magnetically. It is perfect for travelers, especially those who want to put their gadgets on the table near the side of the bed, and sleep while they charge.

You should be able to obtain the Sharper Image Travel Charging Valet from the Sharper Image website for a price of $49.99.