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Sharp Plasmacutter Scalp Care Hair Dryer

Sharp Scalp Massaging Dryer

You can have a great hygiene regimen and still find that there are things you could be improving. There are also gadgets that could save you time on things that are already a part of your regimen. When it comes to your hair, you want to dry it as quickly as possible after washing without drying out your scalp. If you use too high of heat, aren’t using the right products, or seemingly for no reason at all, you’ll end up with dandruff.

If you are very particular about the minutia of your daily regimen, this Sharp Plasmacutter Scalp Care Hair Dryer will help you with scalp maintenance. This is a hair dryer that uses positive and negative ion technology that will enhance your scalp’s ability to maintain moisture so bacteria that causes dandruff and itching will be drastically reduced, especially after using hair clippers. It does look a bit like a tentacle monster trying to escape the nozzle, but I’m sure it feels rather pleasant in tandem with heat.

There are five settings for this device, including hot, warm, scalp, cold, and beauty. This is not a cheap device at $359, as it’s more of a specialized gadget for perfecting your beauty regimen. Even with this device you might still face dandruff issues, but you won’t know until you try! However, you might want to make sure it’s not just your hair care products causing the issue before dropping several hundred dollars.