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The Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator will help you to keep your bathroom smelling fresh

Sharp Ion Generator

Your bathroom is not exactly a clean place. We don’t go in there with the intent of coming out smelling of roses, but we also don’t want any aromas that are born in that room to waft into other parts of the house. While scented sprays and regular cleaning can do a great deal to improve the situation, they won’t immediately tackle anything…fresh.

Rather than trying to cover up a smell, why not kill it at the source? We’ve seen a fair few ionizer gadgets that will sterilize the air, but this Sharp Plasmacluster Ceiling Mounted Ion Generator will help you with more than one task as it is also your light bulb! This LED light screws into E26, 34mm light bulb sockets and will use the¬†electricity¬†from the socket to power the ion generator. It’s tackling two birds with one stone, and you get to have a fresher smelling home because of it!

This is motion activated, so any time there’s movement in its general vicinity it will start going to town on the air. While it would be useful to have these in other rooms of the house, there’s a decent chance that not many people are going to be able to shell out for more than the initial one at $479. It’s a steep price to pay, but will certainly make breathing after a particularly tough bathroom visit a tad easier.

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