Shark Fin Power Sysyem: Inspired From Nature

Power generation would be so much easier if we could gather up all the fish of the sea and attach mini-turbines to all of their fins. Fish generate a huge amount of power with these things comparative to their size.

What we can accomplish is the next best thing. The bioSTREAM tidal power conversion system’s design is inspired by the framework of living animals, specifically, the fins of tuna, mackerel, and sharks.

The bioSTREAM system “mimics the shape and motion characteristics” of fins, but offers a single point of rotation, which allows the fins to be propelled by any directional flow of the sea.

bioStream basically uses the fins in reverse, using the propulsion of the tide on the device to push the reversed torque of the electrical generator. Systems are in the process of being developed for 250kW, 500k power generation.

Product Page via PSFK