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The Shaper Origin makes you look like a master carpenter by coloring in the lines


When you want to make something but don’t know how, it’s difficult to know where to start. Usually making something out of wood or metal requires very precise measurements and cutting, but it doesn’t always have to be that difficult. The age of robotics has made our lives so much easier with the Roomba, automatic lawn cutting, Riley home security and more.

Now robotics, and the people at Shaper, give you Origin, which will help you make whatever you’d like out of wood, plastic, and metal. This is a machine you grab with both hands, select what you want to make on the touchscreen, and color in the lines on the screen, which a drill bit is turning into lines or deep cuts. As you move, the machine will make corrections for your inexperienced hands, with the point being that you’re supposed to take the technology for granted.

Whenever you place it on a surface, it takes a picture of its surroundings. Removable strips of tape covered in dotted markings help it “see” what its looking at. This is so fool-proof that if you get off track, the drill bit will stop cutting. This is certainly cheaper than a CNC machine, but if you’re not great at designing, you will be somewhat limited. There are of course, plenty of prefabricated designs to use, but if you’re only getting it to play with here and there, it’s not really a justified purchase at $1499, unless you’ve got more money than you know what to do with.

Available for preorder on shapertools