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The Shape Up Alarm Clock – How many reps does it take to get to consciousness?

Dumb bell alarm clock

We all have preferences in how we want to be woken up. Some prefer a gentle light to stir them from slumber, others want to shoot things, and some are fine with sound being enough to get them going in the morning. If you’re still trying to find an alarm clock that is right for you and have an affinity for fitness, then it should follow that you’d want to be woken up with the prospect of having to do some kind of physical activity.

If you want a gentle workout to make you move as soon as you wake up, the Shape Up Alarm can be your pre-workout for your workout. It’s not going to require you to lift much weight at all, but you will have to get to a certain number of reps until it will shut off. Of course, doing 30 reps with very little weight is little more work than breathing, but the notion is still neat. How many people can say they lift weights as soon as they wake up and then fall right back asleep?

Made of plastic and metal, this only weighs about 1.3 pounds, so it is far more novelty than it is functional. This is available in pink, white, black, and red, needing to have two AA batteries to function. Unsurprisingly, it is a clock when it’s not in alarm or dumb bell alarm mode, and can give a little light show at night…to add to the novelty.

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