Shakeable Flashlight

Waterproof Shaking Flashlight
This would be a great gadget to have whether you’re out camping, or you’re home and the power’s gone out. The Waterproof Shaking Flashlight requires no batteries and is powered solely by your shaking motion.

Your shaking motion is converted into electricity which is stored in a large capacitor and is used to light a powerful LED bulb. You even get to see how the mechanism works as it is covered in a clear plastic shell.

Not only is this flashlight incredibly handy, it’s also very safe and difficult to break. The shell is water-proof and shock-proof and is constructed of a very durable material that is built to last. The flashlight even floats so dropping it in water not only doesn’t effect it, it stays right at the top for you!

It’s also not annoying to charge as you might think it would be. There is a rubber stopper in the flashlight which makes it very quiet to charge so you don’t have to irritate everyone around you.

One minute of shaking will provide you with 30 minutes of continuous light from the single LED setting. If you want much more power, however, you can get 12 minutes of continuous light from the triple LED setting. I really doubt you’ll ever have to change the bulb as well since the LED bulb lasts for 100,000 hours of continuous use! That’s over 11 years!

I think this would be almost a necessity to have as it is very environmentally friendly and is so easy to use. This great gadget is available for just £14.95 from The Gadget Store.

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