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Shake N Wake Alarm Clock vibrates you awake

I’ve seen various concept designs that have silent ways of waking up the user.  This one is actually something you can purchase online.  It is a bit bulky in comparison to the sleek concept designs, but at least it’ll allow you to wake up without waking anyone else up.  It’d be especially great for brand new parents that don’t want their alarm clock to wake up the baby.

The device can either be strapped to your wrist or put underneath your pillow.  Then when it’s that time to wake up the device will begin to vibrate until you wake up.  You just shut it off like you normally would.  You can also set it to beep instead for those occasions when you need a normal alarm clock.  The clock display is a backlit LED display.  You can normally purchase the clock for £14.99 or about $25 through Thumbs Up UK.  Although right now it’s out of stock.

Source: ChipChick