Shake ‘N Take personal smoothie maker

Shake ‘N Take
A nice, affordable gadget that makes a fairly simple task a little easier is always nice. And, here comes a shocker, I’ve found a gadget that fits both of those requirements: it’s cheap and simple. The Shake ‘N Take personal smoothie maker is operated by only one button and costs $30. +1 point for Mike!

And, yes, I realize the picture isn’t doing anything for this poor gadget, but I bet it can make appealing looking smoothies too. At least I hope so, as the website doesn’t mention that.

For a quick breakfast smoothie or a snack while you’re running out the door, this thing is perfect. Once you’ve blended your smoothie, just take the cup with you, it even has a spill-proof, flip-top lid. It’ll easily fit in your car’s cup holders as well.

For the price ($30), I think you’re getting a decent product, but I definitively wouldn’t expect to be crushing ice or anything like that. If you’re a daiquiri person as opposed to a smoothie person, this probably isn’t for you,

$30 buys you the Shake ‘N Take personal smoothie maker. Just think, that can buy you healthier breakfasts (donuts aren’t good for you, sorry) on the way to work, or a tasty treat when you’re driving somewhere.

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