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Shake ‘N Take personal smoothie maker

Shake ‘N Take
A nice, affordable gadget that makes a fairly simple task a little easier is always nice. And, here comes a shocker, I’ve found a gadget that fits both of those requirements: it’s cheap and simple. The Shake ‘N Take personal smoothie maker is operated by only one button and costs $30. +1 point for Mike!

And, yes, I realize the picture isn’t doing anything for this poor gadget, but I bet it can make appealing looking smoothies too. At least I hope so, as the website doesn’t mention that.

For a quick breakfast smoothie or a snack while you’re running out the door, this thing is perfect. Once you’ve blended your smoothie, just take the cup with you, it even has a spill-proof, flip-top lid. It’ll easily fit in your car’s cup holders as well.

For the price ($30), I think you’re getting a decent product, but I definitively wouldn’t expect to be crushing ice or anything like that. If you’re a daiquiri person as opposed to a smoothie person, this probably isn’t for you,

$30 buys you the Shake ‘N Take personal smoothie maker. Just think, that can buy you healthier breakfasts (donuts aren’t good for you, sorry) on the way to work, or a tasty treat when you’re driving somewhere.

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12 thoughts on “Shake ‘N Take personal smoothie maker”

  1. Vita-Mix FTW…. With a 10 year warranty, your only paying ~$500/10 or 50 bucks a year. After that, its 30 bucks a year to renew it. And that thing can make snow out of ice in literally seconds.

    Problem with above device is that I doubt it will have enough guts to really blend properly. I can throw a whole, unpeeled apple, seeds and all, in my Vita Mix, add in some whole, unpeeled cumquats, a peeled banana, maybe some strawberries + syrup, and 20 seconds later it is so pureed you could never find the seeds…

    IMHO, its not hard to pour it out of a cup. However it takes far longer to properly puree a smoothie. Plus, you can make steaming hot soup in a Vita-Mix in no time… friction for the win.

  2. OMG…who would pitch a vita-mix against a shake-n-take? The have two different purposes. A vita-mix is great for a food processor, juicer or blender. But its HEAVY. A shake-n-take is small & portable. Great for parents with disabled kids who need to blend all food for their child. Just throw it in your bag & go.

  3. I bought one of these. My son and I just love it!! We make smoothies everyday, including blending frozen strawberries and blueberries each use. It seems to be fine. I don’t run it constantly, it only take a few second at a time and quite quickly your smoothie is ready 🙂 I love it.

  4. Help.. i need to buy some extra drink containers for this. does anyone know where to get any. We love ours.

  5. The Shake N Take will crush ice quite well. I’ve owned one for about a couple of years now and use it every morning for my chocolate protien shake, with lot’s of ice.

  6. Personally, I prefer the BLENDER BOTTLE, with its versatility….stainless steel ball inside that perfectly blends while ‘on the go’! Does a great job of making smoothies and so much more. It’s considerably less expensive, too. Check it out:

  7. Hi my mother in law bought a shake n take. She never used it. So I try it. It was brand new.Try the shake n take, but it would not work. I was wondering if I send the shake n take back, that you will send a another one.

    Sincerely Ms. Tammy Schiefer

  8. I purchased 2 shake n take blenders on 15th Feb on until now (4 April 2012) I haven’t received any thing. I contacted but still no help. I would like to warn everyone to BE CAREFUL with who you deal with. Shake n take didn’t provide any contact detail,so I feel helpless,imagine if your blender brakes down during the warrenty time, who can help you. This is my mistake – so I hope others don’t make my mistake.

  9. Hi, I purchased the Shake N Take, but, my mother broke the cup as she didn’t know that it was not dishwashable, is there anyway I could purchase the part of the shake (cup) part? I know this is an american site, and i’ll pay for postage to australia.

  10. it crushes ice too… I dont know if it can crush ice on its own, however, if you add ice to be included in your smoothie, it does a great job of doing so!

  11. I too purchased one of these, whilst it worked well, the screw thread on both the lid and base were hopeless, the base I gave up trying and just washed it with base attached, but it didn’t clean well, so I did pour hot water in (almost boiling) and that of course melted the cup!! I wonder if anyone else had the same problem with the screw thread? I really want to buy another but don’t want the same problem.

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