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Shake It Ice Cream Maker is a no-brainer

shake-it-ice-cream-makerI have yet to meet someone who does not like ice cream at all. After all, who can resist all of that creamy and cold goodness, especially when you are right smack in the middle of a sweltering summer? Well, there are times when you wished that you could make your very own ice cream – but lack the necessary know how to do so. Why not take things into your own hands – literally, of course, with the £9.95 Shake It Ice Cream Maker? This might not be the very first DIY ice cream maker that we’ve seen, and it does no look as though it will be the last, for sure.

The Shake It Ice Cream Maker would allow just about anyone to make his or her own ice cream in a matter of just 3 minutes, now how about that? It also does not matter whether there is electricity running to the home or not, since no electricity is required at all for this effort. Arriving in a prophetic and rather obvious ice cream cone design, it comes with one ice cream spoon so that you can savor the fruit of your labor. All that you need to do is to place the relevant ingredients inside, and simply shake to make! Each Shake It Ice Cream Maker purchase will be accompanied by a list of recipes to help you get started right out of the box.