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Seyvr Power Wallet is a life saver in desperate situations

seyvr-power-walletIt is no surprise that in this day and age, we tend to carry with us a slew of mobile devices, and while functionality of these devices have improved by leaps and bounds over the years, the situation concerning battery life remains more or less the same. In fact, one of the more modern rituals these days would include making sure that our devices are charged the night before, so that we can meet another day head-on, being connected, as long as the battery life within lasts. Perhaps it is always nice to have a backup power source whenever you are on the move, and the £59.99 Power Wallet from Seyvr certainly fits the bill perfectly.

The Power Wallet, as its name suggests, would have a similar dimension to that of a standard sized wallet, which means it should not result in any unsightly trouser bulges. In fact, it is no larger than a credit card, measuring all of just 15mm thick, and yet it still manages to carry a potent (relatively speaking after taking its size into consideration) 1,400mAh battery that will be able to charge up your handset. All of the cables will be built in, which means there would be no worries of having to borrow cables from someone else. Apart from that, it is made from luxurious premium leather with that expensive smell to entice you.