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Seventh Doctor’s Umbrella lets you look the part

7th-doctor-umbrellaDoctor Who fans, especially those who love the Seventh Doctor, would definitely want to sit up and take notice of this, the $34.99 Seventh Doctor’s Umbrella. After all, it does not matter whether you live in the middle of a desert, or happen to be in a country where there is some rain from time to time, an umbrella will always come in handy to protect you from both the rain and sunshine which beats down on your back. This umbrella is the Iconic Question Mark Umbrella from the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), and it has been modeled after the original which was created by T. Fox & Co.

Do bear in mind that it will function like any other normal umbrella, and never associate anything else with it – which means should you find yourself in the rather inconvenient position of hanging off from an ice cliff, then this is not the umbrella which will save you. No sir. At the very least, if you are going to cosplay and masquerade as the Seventh Doctor, then this is the umbrella for you. Do bear in mind that this happens to be an officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise, so be proud while using it!

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