SeV Alpha Jacket ensures that pickpockets would find you a difficult ‘project’

sev-alphaThere is always an air of mystery around those who play the role of spies, and no matter how tight a situation that they have gotten themselves into, somehow or rather, they would have figured out an alternative way to overcome the precarious scenario – all the while looking so good that not a single strand of hair is out of place. Well, spies dress well, too, since they tend to be on the government’s payroll. If you want to be one of them spies with a cool looking jacket, you might want to check out the $199.99 SeV Alpha Jacket and see what it has in store.

The SeV Alpha Jacket is a super spy jacket which is capable of concealing whatever you’re carrying, thanks to a grand total of (drumroll, please) 35 pockets. Yes sir, you read that right, 35 freakin’ pockets! I guess we are talking about having both form and function in this case, where the SeV Alpha Jacket will even boast of a Personal Area Network (PAN) that would enable you to run wires through and to many of the pockets invisibly, including earbud loops, sleeve microphone loops, and an RFID-blocking pocket. The only problem is, you might just forget where you have placed a particular item in your pocket during those moments of emergency.