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New series of Star Wars themed Flash Drives


For those that have grown tired of the Star Wars accessories they already own or that have been available for a while, now there are some new ones coming out.  You can pick up one of these new USB drives that make each character look a bit like a bobble head doll.  Which also gives Darth Vader a cuddly feel, as opposed to making him look dark and brooding. If you don’t mind your Star Wars characters a little more cutesy, then these would be great flash drives.

They are each 2GB drives, which is kind of small, but for once they aren’t too badly priced.  Besides Yoda and Darth Vader, there is also a Boba Fett and Stormtrooper within the same series of drives.  They aren’t available just yet though, they’ll be coming out in October of this year.  You can pre-order them now though.  You can pre-order it for $24.99 from Entertainment Earth.

Source: ChipChick