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The Sensor Wake uses pleasant scents to wake you up, pleasantly

Sensor Wake

Getting up in the morning is not our favorite thing ever. We usually don’t get enough sleep, and are always groggy when the blaring buzzer begins to sound. If you’re tired of being ripped from peaceful slumber by loud sounds or light, then maybe you should opt for a different method of being woken up. If sight, sound, or vibrating smartwatches aren’t your favorite wake up calls, then it might be better to go for something that will affect your sense of smell.

Just as it’s easier to wake up when you smell coffee already made, just imagine what it would be like to smell chocolate, fresh cut grass, or croissants. The Sensor Wake is an alarm clock that uses strongly scented perfumes to permeate your bedroom with delicious smells. You’ll have breakfast, candy, aromatherapy, and even money scented options to choose from.

The diffusion system it uses has the ability to wake you up within two minutes. Of course, if you have the sniffles and your nose isn’t working too well, there’s an audio alarm clock that will also sound after three minutes if you don’t get up. One scented capsule will wake you up about 60 times, and if you’re only getting up during the business week, it should last you a while. This will cost you around $88, and comes with two capsules. You’ll need to buy more capsules if you want this to be more than an audio alarm clock, and they’re expected to cost around $9 a piece.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter