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SensoGlove puts your swing to the test

Imagine the personal tragedy it would cause to finally retire after 50 years of hard work, only to discover that your golf game is disastrous. You just can’t seem to get the damn ball in the hole, and the harder you try, the more frustrated and sloppy your game gets. And you thought golf was supposed to be relaxing!

The problem could be an utter lack of athletic prowess, or perhaps a coordination issue, but for most of us, the problem lies in the most fundamental of skills: the swing. The high-quality leather SensoGlove puts your swing to the test using a host of sensors and a tiny on-board computer.

When the SensoGlove notices a problem with the grip of your club, you’ll be warned both visually and audibly that something is amiss. The SensoGlove rates your grip from a score of 1 to 18, providing you a working scale to hone in your golf game’s sweet spot.

You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a proper grip on the club can help you drop your golf score. Watch your scores get closer and closer to par. The full SensoGlove package, including a display and computer, will set you back $99. If you’re serious about your golf game, that’s hardly a steep cost.

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1 thought on “SensoGlove puts your swing to the test”

  1. I have tried this and it works perfectly for me. At first it was a bit frustrating to hear the beeping but hey: I paid to be told what I was doing wrong. Once I learned to really keep the grip pressure low and constant(!) I had better tempo and more clubhead speed with less effort.
    The downside: You have to spend some time figuring out your personal settings.

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