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SensEpil™ by Silk’n – because shaving is no fun.

Remember the very first time you talked your mom into letting you shave your legs, It was so much fun, exciting, and so grown up. After that first time, I have to admit it pretty much sucked, and now I have to decide, knee socks and pants, or a shave? So thank goodness theres SensEpil™ by Silk’n a very portable pulsed light hair removal system thats been FDA cleared and promises to give you the very same results as those inconvenient and expensive treatments at the dermatologists office, all in the privacy of your own home.

SensEpil is considered safe and effective on lighter skin complexions with dark hair growth, a specialized sensor is built-in to the unit to activate the light energy onto only the appropriate skin types, ensuring your maximum safety. SenEpil’s use should be confined to unwanted hair on arms, legs, underarms, bikini lines or other hairy bits, including your face, only from the cheek line down, taking special precautions with your eyes and lips.

Light and laser based hair removal has been used in medical offices for over 15 years, and is based upon the ability of dark hair to absorb the light energy and transform it into heat, which in turn disables hair growth. Most people seem to see results in 4 treatments and fantastic results after 6. It works on men too.

I’m going to iron my skirt!

For $499.00 the unit comes with 1 disposable lamp cartridge, an instructional DVD with a quick start guide. Additional cartridges are $49.00