Senseo Base HD7810 Coffee-maker for one

Senseo Base HD7810

I have to admit that I am not a coffee drinker, but I know that many of my readers probably can’t live without it. Maybe you are the type who drinks the whole pot made by your coffee maker, but right now, I would like to speak to those who only just need one in the morning

That’s right, for all you single people who awake in the morning with only a mild need for caffeine, there is finally a product for you. Senseo, in cooperation with Philips, has created a series of coffee makers, and I got a chance to try out the Senseo Base HD7810.

The HD7810 had a very easy setup, and all that it required from the user is to fill the metal, dishwasher safe canister and add a coffee-making pod. The pods are these pre-packaged coffee-ground and filter combinations that resemble circular teabags, and they come in many flavors. Adding one more pod to the Senseo Base will increase your coffee strength to Strong, if that is what you need.

A user then pushes the button for a four to eight ounce cup, and soon the hot brew of life pours out, leaving a lovely layer of foam on the top. Cleanup is simple as the user just removes the used pod without sweeping up wet coffee grounds, and the Base even has an auto shut-off.

In other words, it is the perfect device to give you exactly what you need. You can purchase the Senseo Base HD7810 on the Senseo site for about $69.99.

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