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Sennheiser introduces PRESENCE mobile headset

Sennheiser, a name that has been well known when it comes to audio solutions for mobile devices, is back with yet another premium headset solution that they call the PRESENCE. PRESENCE is a premium quality mobile headset, where it offers up a solution for consumers and business professionals who will not do with anything less other than outstanding sound quality and HD voice clarity, regardless of whether they are around the office, in the car or outdoors. PRESENCE will pack the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, where it will also be accompanied by Sennheiser’s new SpeakFocus and WindSafe technologies.

The PRESENCE mobile headset is said to be able to ensure sonic clarity and outstanding audio quality regardless of the environment that you are in, all the while arriving in a slim and aesthetically attractive design which is a snap to operate. You will find it arrive equipped with Sennheiser HD voice clarity, which would enable a superior listening experience. All PRESENCE headsets will also be equipped with a trio of digital microphones apart from the new SpeakFocus technology, as it is capable of detecting the user’s voice as it filters out background noise. This would enable users to make phone calls even if they are in the midst of a noisy environment, while listeners will be treated to a professional, crystal clear sound experience.

Talking on a ferry, or when you are driving with your window drawn down? Fret not, Sennheiser’s WindSafe technology would also be able to do its bit to reduce wind noise effectively, hence doing away with what can be ranked as one of the biggest annoyances for the listener over at the other end of the line. This is made possible as the PRESENCE will automatically select the best mix of the three microphones, followed by processing the sound so that it can determine the optimal way to balance and enhance the voice of the user. This would help safeguard users against hazardous noises which can also end up as dangerous to hearing, thanks to the headset’s uniquely patented ActiveGard hearing protection system.

Expect to fork out $179.95 for the Sennheiser PRESENCE if you are interested.

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