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Sena 10S helps you communicate in style on your bike

sena-smh10Riding a motorcycle is a very different experience from that of driving a car – in fact, you will have a total change in your perspective, and this would also include how one interacts with one’s gizmos and gadgets. Having said that, Sena has made a name for itself in terms of Bluetooth accessories in the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles, and here is something that is far better than the Sena 10C which we talked about earlier this year. I am referring to the newly upgraded and even more sleek Sena 10S, which will certainly thrill fans of the original SMH10 as it sports enhancements such as a slimmer profile and highly improved operations.

Just what makes the Sena 10S so special? For starters, it will arrive with a performance upgrade thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth 4.1 technology for increased clarity and reliability, enhanced HD-quality audio, remote and Smartphone App compatibility, as well as increased intercom distance, ensuring that users end up with an amazing, unforgettable riding experience. Not only that, the Sena 10S also has a longer range and Sena’s One Touch Group Intercom would make sure that enthusiasts can truly participate in a connected ride.

We are looking at an increased intercom distance of 1.6 km, and if you are riding in a convoy, this kind of range would definitely come in handy. There is also an FM radio that helps you to keep yourself entertained with local radio channels in the vicinity, while the firmware can also be upgraded as and when new versions are released. The goodies do not stop there though, as the Sena 10S will also play nice with the Sena Prism Audio Action Camera, ensuring that users enjoy wireless multi-track recording setup for HD videos. The Sena 10S single unit will retail for $239, while the dual pack is going for $439.

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