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Selfie Toaster caters for the narcissist in you

selfie-toasterThere is nothing quite like having a slice of fresh toast in the morning, accompanied by some butter and strawberry preserve on the side, as well as a glass of milk, some coffee and fresh juices to keep you company. Ah yes, not forgetting the all important newspaper for you to browse through all that is going on in the world. Well, since you have all of those down pat, how about making sure that you walk out of your door in confidence, knowing that your face is plastered somewhere – on your morning toasts, to be exact, thanks to the Selfie Toaster?

It is highly recommended that each slice will show just one face, and of course, each Selfie Toaster is different from the other since you will have to send in the largest file size you can possibly find, taking into consideration the issues of contrast, lighting, and the lack of heavy shadows as well. Company Logos are more or less considered anathema, especially when they are accompanied by some kind of text. You will be able to select from the type of toaster you would like depending on which country you reside at – either an US/CAN 120v toaster or an EU 230V toaster, where the EU toaster can be adapted to any 220-240v outlet with plug adapters.

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