Selfie Remote kisses goodbye to the selfie stick

selfie-remoteI am quite sure that many of us are familiar with the selfie stick these days, especially when we go to crowded tourist spots, and everyone would want to have their face in the picture with the object of their focus behind. Of course, it might be a whole lot easier to ask someone else to take your photo for a far better looking image, but then again, this would mean running the risk of having your handset being stolen, especially if you are in an unfamiliar territory. Well, when it comes to less crowded places, you might want to consider the £14.95 Selfie Stick.

The Selfie Stick would allow you to carry out a photo revolution, where you are then able to snap group shots with yourself in the frame, now how about that? Perfect your macro photography skills along the way as well by triggering the shutter, all without having to go through the trouble of touching the screen. You will first need to download the free app from the App Store, where upon installation, it will then automatically sync to your Selfie Remote. Once you are ready to capture an image, press the button on the remote control and activate your shutter, and voila! It will work even from a distance of up to 3 meters! Not the first selfie remote, and it definitely is not going to be the last!

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