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The Selfie Brush – for Posing Made Perfect!


In November 2013, the word “selfie” was chosen as the “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary. Props are being giving to the Australians for coining the phrase, but the whole world has taken this social media craze to the next level. Someday, we’ll all look back at our duck-lips, and endless posturing, and laugh at ourselves, but in the meantime, the quest for the perfect, most enviable “selfie” continues…

Check out the Selfie Brush,  more than just a phone case, the Selfie Brush protects your phone, makes it easy to find in your purse, and helps prepare you for the most perfect selfie results ever.  Simply slide your iPhone (5 or 5s) through the top slot of the brush, and while still having complete access to your phone’s touch screen and controls, you have an easy to hold paddle brush and mirror, allowing you to smooth your tresses and perfect your look, before you snap your pic.

So go out and find some good lighting, employ some cool filters, locate your best angles and mesmerize your friends with just how amazing you can look, (at least in totally contrived pics) The Selfie Brush comes in Pink, Purple and Black, works with iPhone 5 or 5s with many more phone models to come… Thank goodness. Go ahead and get yours at for under 20 bucks. Say Cheese-y!