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Self-Heating Butter Knife is the stuff of dreams

butter-knifeI clearly remember one of the older Uncanny X-Men comics, where Wolverine, having unsheathed his adamantium claws, mentioned to a shaking guard right in front of him that his claws are able to cut through metal like a hot knife through butter. While we are not supposed to play with our food, having the £19.99 Self-Heating Butter Knife around the house might be a good idea, especially when you have a hungry army (or rather, your family) looking to you to provide breakfast.

The Self-Heating Butter Knife, as its name suggests, will be able to spread butter using your body heat, as you wrap your hands around the conductive titanium knife to heat. It works almost like a miracle, where it will then glide gloriously through your rectangular-shaped lard, and kiss goodbye to frustrated morning tears courtesy of this butter cutter. In fact, it works so fast, that it heats up in less than 20 seconds, and does not need a single battery of any kind in order to work. Surely this would put all other butter knives in your kitchen to retirement.