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Self-hypnosis gadget

Mind Spa self hypnosis gadget

I’ve seen some of the strangest claims made for gadgets, but I really think this Mind Spa self-hypnosis gadget makes the wackiest claims I’ve ever heard.

But the following is only my opinion, but there’s a link to the product page below and you can have a look and decide for yourself.

The Mind Spa hypnotising device features a pair of eye shades and headphones and uses 12 different combinations of flashing lights and white noise to relax yourself. Apparently, “You’ll soon find yourself in a calm, focused state of awareness as the powers of self-hypnosis and persuasion work their magic on the subconscious part of your brain.”

Once in this condition you’ll apparently be able to:

• Improve your short-term memory

• Stimulate creativity

and perhaps even kick

• the fear of flying, spiders and open spaces

• smoking

• biting your nails

• picking your nose 🙂

or maybe even learn a new language.

Well it’s certainly true that there are untapped abilities in all of us, and perhaps this gadget can help you find them, but I have to say I’m a little sceptical. Perhaps someone has bought a Mind Spa recently and could give us a review?

The Mind Spa self-hypnosis gadget is available from Brands on Sale for $160.

3 thoughts on “Self-hypnosis gadget”

  1. Well, hypnosis is very real, and it is POSSIBLE that this machine does something…but other than add weight to ones head, i’m not so sure… 😉

  2. Now this gadget really looks funny.
    However, I thought hypnosis is about the power of the mind – not about the power of technology – but maybe I am wrong:-)

  3. I have been looking for this device for almost 10 years…A dentist once used this system on me, for some root canals and a wisdom tooth extraction.

    With minimal use of novocaine and the simplest of suggestions–“You will not feel like moving.” “You will be completely relaxed during the procedure, and will only move if I ask you to do so.”

    And that’s exactly what happened. Although I was fully conscious and aware, (yes, I could move my fingers, if I really tried) he was able to perform all the heavy work with out any squirming, or gagging etc, from me.

    As soon as he removed the lens and headphones, I was completely back to “myself”, and have never had a better experience at the dentist.

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