Self-hypnosis gadget

Mind Spa self hypnosis gadget

I’ve seen some of the strangest claims made for gadgets, but I really think this Mind Spa self-hypnosis gadget makes the wackiest claims I’ve ever heard.

But the following is only my opinion, but there’s a link to the product page below and you can have a look and decide for yourself.

The Mind Spa hypnotising device features a pair of eye shades and headphones and uses 12 different combinations of flashing lights and white noise to relax yourself. Apparently, “You’ll soon find yourself in a calm, focused state of awareness as the powers of self-hypnosis and persuasion work their magic on the subconscious part of your brain.”

Once in this condition you’ll apparently be able to:

• Improve your short-term memory

• Stimulate creativity

and perhaps even kick

• the fear of flying, spiders and open spaces

• smoking

• biting your nails

• picking your nose 🙂

or maybe even learn a new language.

Well it’s certainly true that there are untapped abilities in all of us, and perhaps this gadget can help you find them, but I have to say I’m a little sceptical. Perhaps someone has bought a Mind Spa recently and could give us a review?

The Mind Spa self-hypnosis gadget is available from Brands on Sale for $160.

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