The New Seiko Astron – What Time is it Where You Are?

In our fast paced world it seems as though there is nothing more important than time. We keep track of it constantly, how much of it we need, how long things will take, and how little time we have left. People have been marking the minutes since.. well, the beginning of time. People are still wearing watches, more than just a fashion statement, the watch seems to be referred to more often than our phones, checking to see just how late you are to your next meeting or how long you need to wait for lunch.

If you’re the watch wearing kind, you might want to check out Seiko’s newest offering, the Astron. I guess it’s not exactly new, Seiko has been making the Astron since 1969, but now we have a brand new Astron, the worlds first GPS, solar watch. Yup, I have to admit, it not only looks gorgeous, but this quartz watch has an accuracy within one second every 100,000 years!

It’s true, the Astron does not require winding, or a battery, in fact it doesn’t need an external power source at all, because it is completely self-sustaining. The watch uses only the power of light and is able to connect to the GPS network and adjust itself (at the touch of a button) to whichever of the 39 time zones you may find yourself in. I guess it should also work for those pesky Daylight Savings time changes.

So here’s a watch that sets itself, has a perpetual calendar that will be correct until February 28th, 2100 and runs on the power of light hitting its dial. (and that’s any light, not just the sun!) Available in titanium, stainless steel or even special edition styles, the new Astron is available now and if its time for you to have one, you can get it from for right around 2,500 bucks.

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