Seidio announces Desktop Charging Cradle for HTC devices

The world of smartphone accessories is an interesting one, where many manufacturers zoom in on a particular make and model and start churning them out by the hundreds of thousands, be it cases or screen protectors as well as speaker add-ons. Of course, some third party manufacturers are even more daring, deciding to come up with a case for a yet unreleased device – as this had already happened with the iPhone 5 (or next generation iPhone, depending on how you want to call it). Seidio is much more conservative with their latest device release, announcing the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle that caters for a range of HTC devices such as the HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC One X, and HTC One S.
This would mean only the fairly recent and more powerful handsets from HTC are the ones being catered to here – if you are using a mid-range or entry level HTC device, then you can forget about it. Seidio hopes that the design philosophy of timeless and elegant products will be captured by the Desktop Charging Cradle, touting it to be an ideal accessory for the desk of the business professional. Is it really? Only those who have bought and used it are able to tell.

Sporting a unique design which enables one to synchronize and juice up your HTC smartphone simultaneously, it ensures your HTC device will always remain powered up at all times.
David Chang, CEO of Seidio, said, “This charging cradle is the final accessory to round out the full-line of products we [Seidio] offer for the HTC devices. Our goal is to provide our consumers with a complete system solution for their mobile device. The Desktop Charging Cradle works seamlessly with Seidio’s HTC cases and, of course, the smartphone itself.”
What makes the David Chang, CEO of Seidio so different from the other somewhat similar products on the market? For starters, it functions with or without a Seidio ACTIVE or SURFACE case, so you need not worry about removing a protective case while you dock the device, all thanks to a tiny albeit sturdy connector piece. The dock will also be able to hold your smartphone in a horizontal position to deliver a perfect viewing angle whenever you want to enjoy movies, pictures and other multimedia formats.
It comes in an all-black cradle with a smooth, matte finish, in addition to Seidio’s signature soft-touch coating. The external layer will ensure the cradle remains clean, resisting fingerprints, dirt and grime, while a discreet power LED light will be located on the back of the unit. You can pick up the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle for $29.95 a pop.
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