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The Segway miniPRO – the best of Segway, hoverboards, and electric scooters all in one

Segway ninebot miniPRO

When you work a job that pays well but sucks up your life, every spare minute you can take for yourself is a treasure. You don’t mind paying for a taxi when you could take the $2 bus because it’s not only quieter and cleaner, but you’ll get to your destination in a fraction of the time. If you live only a few miles from work and don’t want to deal with transit, but also don’t want to find a parking spot, personal transporters might come up in your search bar.

The first thing that you’ll find is definitely going to be a Segway, but the full version is clunky, awkward, and not necessarily easy to store. The Segway miniPRO on the other hand seems like it might be perfect for professionals who are on the move and have money to spare. It’s still a tad on the bulky side, but you could at least find some space for this near your desk during the day.

This is a UL 2272 certified unit (fire and electrical safety) which can hold up to 220 pounds, hit top speeds of 10 mph at distances of 14 miles on a full charge. It uses a dual motor engine with 1600 watts of power on which you can go forward, back, and turn with easily thanks to the padded knee bar which will give you far more precision steering. You can even take on bumps in the road thanks to the aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame and military-grade shock absorbing wheels. This is no small gizmo, and will cost you $999, but if you have the dough and would rather have the extra time, it could be a worthy trade off. Of course, there are always other brands to consider at cheaper prices out there too.

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  1. The form factor of this Segway is still off-putting — I notice this article doesn’t mention the weight of the thing. Segway would do better to produce a “hoverboard” that costs around $500 and doesn’t burst into flames…

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