The Sega Mega Drive gets turned into iPod dock

Old gaming consoles don’t work the greatest after being used over and over again.  Once it’s worn out beyond repair, you’re left with the decision to toss it or cling to it for some kind of a project.  Most gamers that are attached to the console would prefer to find a way to cherish the memories and keep the console around.  However, if you can’t come up with a good idea for it, it just ends up collecting dust in the closet.  Well if you own a Sega Mega Drive, here’s one idea to get some more use out of the old console.

Within the console there isn’t a whole lot to remove.  Wired managed to remove all of the unnecessary parts and install an iPod dock instead.  The dock is taped up to make sure that it fits well inside of the Sega.  Of course you wouldn’t want to do this to a Sega you would still like to use, so it’s definitely best if you find one that you no longer intend to keep on using.  You can check out more detailed pictures by going here.

Source: GadgetVenue