The Seek Thermal Camera – See for Yourself!


Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could see in the dark? How about your last late night dog-walking session when you were certain you heard an animal lurking in the woods? or the night you thought someone was trying to get into your car? I can think of quite a few instances that being able to see where someone is (or recently was) could be a very useful tool. Where am I going to get a super power like that?

Check out the Seek Thermal Camera, a simple smartphone accessory that easily gives you the power to see the unseen. This true thermal imaging camera is able to detect the infrared light that all objects emit, and then uses that data to create a visible image on your iPhone. This nifty little gadget is able to work in broad daylight, or in complete darkness. Imagine actually being able to “see” everything around you.

The Seek Thermal Camera can be used in so many ways, like being able to see areas of heat loss, locating radiant heating wires or pipes, instantly scanning an area for activity before you enter, seeing who’s peeing in your pool, finding out that Fido is sleeping on your pillow while you’re out, winning every game of hide and seek ever played, and a million other useful (or just entertaining) applications.

The Seek Thermal Camera is available in iOS and Android versions, will soon be open to developers, and it sounds like it could be a great addition to your smartphone. If you’d like to find out more, or get on the wait list for one, visit and plan to part with around 200 bucks.