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The Seek Reveal shows what you may not want to see

The Seek Thermal imaging flashlight

In the dark of the night, what do you think is looking at you when you look out into the nothingness? You know that objects of varying shapes and size are in front of you, but you can’t tell what they are. Since you can hardly see, your other senses will compensate, which means your hearing is going to let you know when every leaf rustles or twig snaps.

While the Seek Thermal Flashlight is actually meant for more practical purposes, it could definitely be used to find squirrels hiding in your yard. This uses advanced infrared technology to let you see everything that is masked in darkness. There’s also a bright LED light to let you see anything that might be visible to the human eye as well. This can detect a range from -40 up to 626 degrees Fahrenheit, which can help you find sources of heat or heat loss from up to 500 feet away.

This device was made to be as rugged as the lives of those who find themselves in need of it. The images it can capture can be taken in 7 different color palettes which you can store, transfer, and share through the included microSD and USB cable. Perfect for plumbers, electricians, hunters, and homeowners alike! Of course, you’re likely only going to spend the $275 this thing costs if you’re actually going to put it to use.

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