Seek Portable GPS Device Fits on the Wrist

A few days ago, we covered the Suunto X10, a GPS device that fits on your wrist. While there may not be a huge market for the GPS on the wrist, some concept designer apparently has a plan for a wrist GPS boom.

The designer, Jukka Roitto, has taken the wrist GPS one step further by putting a search engine and navigation guide on his concept model, which he has dubbed the Seek. The name may be simple, but what the Seek does is pretty complex.

The Seek is meant to help a person look for local attractions in an area, such as theaters, restaurants, or clubs. So, if you’re in a strange new town, and you’re looking for a place to eat or have fun, just Seek and you will find!

The user interacts with the Seek with a full touchscreen. I have seen other photos of the Seek that have the touchscreen retracted, but I don’t see how it could, unless they are using that new LED screen technology that can somehow roll up.

There are other functions that the Seek has, such as a Portable Music Player. In fact, it can even give the name and artist of the track, and I think I see a place for a headphone jack.

Well, this is a concept product for now, so one cannot say if any of these features will ever come to pass. You got to admit that the Seek looks very futuristic, like something you would see in a classic science fiction movie.