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The Seed Smart Water Bottle – hydration is a must

Makit Seed Smart Water Bottle

We’re all starting to be curious about how much activity, food, and water we take in. That’s why there’s a craze of activity trackers, health apps, and smart devices that help us know exactly what’s going into and being exhausted from our bodies. One of the more important things to keep track of is how much water we’re taking in.

While we’ve seen them before, there’s always got to be a new kid on the block. The Seed is a Smart Water Bottle that will not only track how much H2O you’re drinking, but let you know when you should be drinking more, if the water has been in the bottle too long, and much more. It uses an LED touch screen, a water intake reminder, has 1-2 years of battery life, and is waterproof up to IP67, so no water is going in that you aren’t putting there.

Made of stainless steel, this is likely going to last through all the adventures you’ll run it through should you be an active person. Thanks to its vacuum insulation, it’s also going to keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours, with a temperature gauge that will let you know where it’s at before you take a sip. Almost none of us are actually drinking enough water, so this would be a great way to hop on the bandwagon. Of course, there are always other options out there, so if you’re not down to throw $44 at this, you can always wait it out for another crowdfunding campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo