See in the Dark with Lighted Slippers

Okay you’re lying in bed listening to your favourite tunes on your pillow speaker when you realise there’s one last thing you need to do before getting your daily shut eye.

Your bedroom floor is littered with toys and gadgets which combined with the fact you had a few beers earlier means navigating to the bathroom without injury or gadget breakage is going to be a challenge to say the least.

Introducing Lighted Slippers to the rescue.

I don’t think it’s possible to buy a cool looking pair of slippers, even the monster slippers have lost there appeal now (and try walking in those after a night out). But at least with these lighted slippers it might prevent a broken leg and a trip to ER in the early hours of the morning or worse still you step on your PSP.

On to the technical details of these truly amazing slippers :). Each slipper contains a light sensor so the LEDS will only come on when it’s dark (maximising the life of the replaceable lithium batteries). Each slipper also has a weight sensor which act as a switch, so just slot you feet into the slippers, stand up and you’ll see the light up to 25 feet away. They also have non-skid soles.

I originally came across these on, but as I don’t know what language the site is written in, let alone what they are saying about them I thought I’d report it here. If you want further info and you can even watch a video of the slippers in use (bizarre) you can check out the inventor and manufacturers site, originally called Bright Feet Slippers.