SecureGive machines takes money

secure-give.jpgIt is rather ironic that a machine which takes nothing but money from the local church’s congregation is called SecureGive. These Giving Kiosks brings a whole new dimension to giving your tithes and offerings as there is no longer any need to pass the collection plate around during the weekly service. Members will not need to carry cash or checkbooks with them in order to make a donation – all they have got to do is to insert their ATM card and go through a series of simple menus in order to enter the amount of dollars that he or she wants to donate for the greater good.

Research has shown that additional donation options more often than not will encourage people to open up their wallets, hence the need for SecureGive. You can even include a tax-deductible contribution at the SecureGive kiosk – just fill up an address form with the virtual keyboard and choose from four different categories which consists of tithe, general offering, building fund or missions. Of course, these four categories can be programmed to fit the needs of the local congregation, ministry, or even non-profit organization. As with ATM machines, the SecureGive will dispense a receipt when the transaction is done.

These Giving Kiosks run on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and are connected to the Internet via a broadband connection. Perhaps this will move those who are more technologically savvy to contribute more to their local church, as transferring money electronically is the norm for the current generation who grew up on a diet of Internet and video games. Each SecureGive kiosk costs approximately $5,000 and requires a monthly subscription fee of $50.