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Keep your secrets in stone with this USB Flash Drive

USB Stone

Once you reach a certain age, you start to develop a semblance of style. Whether it’s rugged punk, dapper professional, or hipster, you’re going to get things that fall into your particular aesthetic. While most of the world will box themselves¬†into specific categories, some are trying their best to carve their own path and be the special snowflake that they are. Everyone is a special snowflake mind you, so don’t be reading that with negative conotation.

If your look falls in line with more natural themes sprinkled with¬†modern touches, then you’re going to love this USB Flash Drive. This is crafted out of polymer clay which was made to look like a stone, and measures only 45 x 25mm. There are options for 8 or 16 GB flash drives, and each is going to look slightly different than the last as they’re handmade. You’ll have to be careful in the first few weeks of owning this not to mistake it for a simple pebble!

The 8GB option is going to cost you $34, and the 16GB will be $44. These are coming from Russia, so expect the shipping to be a bit more than a US product. This is something you’ll need to order a few weeks in advance, because again, it’s a handmade product coming from one person. You can imagine that the type of person who would carry this around would be the one sporting a mushroom backpack, plant jewelry, and bonsai decorum.

Available for purchase on Etsy