Secret USB Flash Drive Watch

Today must be Advanced Watch Day, because I just finished reporting on a new Cellular Phone Watch from LG. This next watch feels just as advanced, as it comes with a 4GB USB Flash Drive.

This USB drive fits snugly into the case, where no one will look for it. In fact, that is one thing I like about this watch: it doesn’t look like heavily advanced spy watch. No, this watch looks completely innocuous with its fancy exterior.

The USB Hidden Flash Drive Watch has “a plastic case covered by a stainless steel mask with brushed silver finish and convex mineral glass with a shiny raised index”. It may not be a Rolex, but it is fancy enough for James Bond to sport.

I can just see it being used in the next James Bond film. Here’s the scene: Daniel Craig sneaks into an enemy base, and then whips out the flash drive from his wrist and downloads the head bad guy’s plan. Knowing movies like I do, they’ll probably make it more suspenseful by showing a little bar that has to be 100% complete before a guard shows up to stop Bond.

So before Bond goes out on his next mission, he doesn’t need Q anymore. He can just order from the ThinkGeek site. That’s probably good, because the latest James Bond films don’t have Q in them anyway.