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Secret Diary Keep Your Writings Secure

Even though we live in an age of blogging, some of us still prefer putting our thoughts down so only we can see them. For those who reject the traditional locked notebook model of a diary, you will be pleased to know that the Secret Diary is completely digital.

The Secret Diary looks like a USB Flash Drive, but that’s just its cover. It lives up to its name as the designated user must enter in a 4 digit Pin number on the built-in numeric keypad in order to get in. The data is stored via 256-bit AES cypto.

Unfortunately, there is another security feature that will hopefully never get used. You see, if someone tries to hack into someone else’s Secret Diary, it will implement a self-destruct procedure that will erase all the sensitive information. Yeah, that would be too bad if that happened. Maybe the user should buy another Secret Diary for a backup.

As for the software to make daily entries, it comes with many fun interactive features including My Stars, Dream Catcher, Thinking Deep, and Mood Art. It even has some type of emotion sensor that somehow analyzes the text you are writing and can display a swirl in the heading to match the “mood” of the writing.

As you can tell from the aforementioned features, this might be a good product for the females. The Secret Diary is available at takeanyware for $59.95.