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Second Rotation gives a new life to old tech

Second Rotation

Rousseau Aurelien wants your old gadgets and he’s willing to pay for them. That’s the basic idea behind his new online venture called Second Rotation. Users with outdated or simply unused gadgetry, such as digital cameras, camcorders and MP3 Players can sell them to a middle man, rather than deal with the fees and hassles that comes with the 800 pound online gorilla known as eBay.

After registering for a free online account, users can then employ the online pricing calculator that’s like a digital “bluebook. Users simply click on a category, then a maker, and then a model (or use the online search feature). Hitting “sell it now,” gadget sellers then choose from the button list what comes with it (manual, cables, software, etc) that still comes with it and rate the gadget’s overall condition. Then, after pressing “calculate,” the calculator determines the value of your gadgets. Users can then select the payment by check or through Paypal and select the “I accept, generate my certificate” button.

How Second Rotation Works

Once the price offered is accepted, the user ships their gadget to Second Rotation – they pay for it and pick it up via DHL. Second Rotation then evaluates the condition of the gadget and then pays the seller – usually within ten business days. To date, Second Rotation is looking for Camcorders, Digital Cameras, GPS Devices, MP3 Players, and Cell Phones.

1 thought on “Second Rotation gives a new life to old tech”

  1. I wrote three e-mails to Second Rotation because they did not assess my laptop correctly. Nobody has ever responded to me. I sold them a laptop I owned for over three years. They claimed the optical drive was only a CD writer drive, when I know it was a DVD writer – I used it all the time. I accepted the offered price after not hearing from them. I didn’t want them to send it back to me. I was not happy with my transaction and believe you still owe me money. I’m glad I got money for my old computer, but I believe they are sloppy or scammers that cut corners for profit.

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