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Seated Strider helps you burn calories without standing up

seated-striderNow that all of the festivities are well and truly over with, it is time to take stock of the situation – and by that, I mean checking out the waistline, making sure that it did not grow to a number that is larger than that before the mad holiday season of 2014 kicked in. Still, there are tools of the trade to make sure that one who is disciplined enough will be able to lose some weight – and why not do so while you are busy watching TV or working on a thesis? You would be seated in this manner, and this is where the $99.95 Only Seated Strider comes in handy.

As its name suggests, the claim to being the “only” Seated Strider in the market is a pretty interesting one to back up, and until we see another step forward to dispute such a claim, we will take it at face value. The Seated Strider might be small in stature, but this does not mean that it is not able to deliver on its promises. This mini-strider will be able to offer a low-impact cardiovascular workout even when you are seated. And it does so with aplomb, as there is no need to place unnecessary stress on one’s joints or ligaments, since it will make use of patented 360° hinges that enables the legs to swing inward/outward, backward/forward, or in a circular arc.

This translates to it being used regardless of whether one is sitting in an armchair or while one is working at a desk. There will be large, textured foot plates that will ensure that shoes remain firmly in-place, while the strider’s rubber floor pads will keep it secured to the floor without slipping. When you are done, it takes mere seconds to fold it to half its size, while an included strap lets you carry it around with ease. It is also zero-impact, just like the In Pool Exercise Glider.

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