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The SeatRack helps you securely move larger cargo in your car

Seat Rack Interior Cargo Holder

We’re always looking to save money where we can. Whether we do our own nails at home, build our own furniture, or try to make our own food, we want to cut costs and corners however possible. When you’re stuck toting bigger pieces of cargo in your car frequently, you don’t want to be forced to rent a truck every single time, so you improvise.

The problem with putting huge stuff in your car without proper security is that it can injure you terribly if you’re in a wreck or cause one by knocking around your vehicle. Whether it’s plywood, a surfboard, or garden tools, the Seat Rack wants to make sure you and your gear get from one place to another without issue. These are half moon bars that will take the place of the headrests on your car seats, and will buckle down whatever you need to stay stationary with it’s 54-inch strap with a metal buckle.

There is a removable protective cover that will help prevent any damage to more delicate cargo, and adapter sleeves for various post diameters. Paying out $129.95 will get you 2 cargo bars with 4 mounting posts, 2 straps, 2 protective covers, a post adapter set, and a storage bag. Hopefully you already have some method of security in place for moving bigger items and aren’t acquiring these because you found out what happens when you have no safeguards in place.

Available for purchase on seat-rack