Sea Doo Sea Scooter

Sea Doo Sea ScooterThis gadget is just too cool. It’s a contraption that lets you move in the water when you can’t be bothered to swim really, and that’s the kind of gadget I like.

When you’ve been swimming in the sea on holiday and your tired and want to relax and cool down, use the Seaboo to slowly glide across or under the water with no effort at all. Since it only moves at 2mph, don’t expect to get anywhere fast!

You charge up the battery up over night and in the morning you can use it for approximately an hour. The 7Ah(12v) rechargeable battery is included. The seaboo will automatically stop when it encounters an obstruction and you can buy an extra protective grille for maximum safety. Just so you look extra cool at the beach, the seaboo comes in its own carrier bag and contains a manual which you should read before you use.

It weighs approximately 5kg, and the dimensions are 60 x 37 x 32cm. As if the Seaboo couldn’t get any cooler, its got ergonomic handlebars to hold on to.

What a way to impress the ladies. Once they see you on this cool contraption, they will be impressed and will want a go. Are you really going to say no to a bikini babe wanting a ride?

This gadget is a must for sea lovers who like to explore. Its costs £189.95 which sounds a lot but it’s cheaper than a speed boat and almost as impressive!