Sculpture Showerhead lets you position the heads


The selection within showerheads is never a small one.  However, they do all seem to have a similar design.  You can of course buy each one in about 12 different finishes, but they still don’t differ much between each other.  Well instead of buying one of the usual ones, you could pick up this showerhead that looks like it’s straight out of a science fiction movie.

If you have any phobias about machines attacking and taking over though, I wouldn’t get this showerhead.  Since these do look a little like they’re just going to wake up one day and attack.  It’s something about those tentacle looking pieces that just don’t make it look friendly.  It has a total of six heads and allow for you to bend and twist them into any position you like.  There isn’t any word yet on the price, but you can contact Vado to find out a bit more about the Sculpture Showerhead.

Source: Techeblog