Scuba-Doo – The Underwater Moped

Underwater MopedThis has got to be the laziest way to SCUBA dive, the Scuba-Doo (where are you!). It looks like a cross between a moped and yellow submarine and promises to give people the thrills of SCUBA diving without the inconvenience of wearing a mask and having to swim.

It actually looks like a pretty neat idea for people that aren’t able to dive normally or just want to enjoy the experience without the work. Advantages are quoted as:

  • No mask
  • No mouth piece
  • No heavy weights and tanks
  • No special clothes or equipment
  • Shorter instructional time
  • You do not need to be a strong swimmer as the Scuba-Doo is self propelled
  • Glasses and contact lens can be worn as your head and shoulders are not in the water
  • Visibility is 180 degrees through a clear perspex dome giving a clear panoramic view
  • As the diver is breathing in an enclosed dome which is constantly being replenished with fresh air from the air tank, they tend to relax quickly and enjoy the experience more

You can get additional info on the Scubadoo site (cracking name), thanks to Neatorama and wugsy (not so cracking name :))