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Scrubba Portable Washing Machine is perfect for your outdoor adventures

scrubbaI am currently living in a high rise apartment where there is water rationing going on, simply because of the mismanagement of our natural resources that resulted in this predicament. Unfortunately, there has been no water flowing through our taps for the past week, and this situation needs some serious looking into by the authorities. That means a pile of laundry sitting there that grows bigger by the day, if only there was a washing machine of sorts that saves water and gets the job done as well. Perhaps the £39.99 Scrubba Portable Washing Machine could be a lifesaver in such a situation?

The Scrubba Portable Washing Machine is touted to be the first pocket-sized washing machine in the world, where it does not run on any kind of electricity, but uses good old fashioned hand power instead – making it ideal in the event of a zombie apocalypse, too. Touted to be twice as effective compared to a hand wash session, and yet uses up just a fraction of the effort, the Scrubba Portable Washing Machine delivers machine-quality results in just a matter of minutes. There is a special internal washboard that makes scrubbing effortless, and it sure as heck beats bringing along your washing machine during a camping trip.

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1 thought on “Scrubba Portable Washing Machine is perfect for your outdoor adventures”

  1. In my opinion it will be great for a few clothes however if you have to wash a lot of clothes it will be annoying to wash it with this machine.

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