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The Screen Magnifier makes watching videos on your phone easier

Magnifying Screen

We consume a lot of media in a single day. It’s not that we’re meaning to, it just quickly and easily stops us from ever being bored. It’s also the only way we’re going to stay on top of current events. That being said, we do have a nasty habit of hovering our faces close to the screen for so long that we burn our eyes. We don’t want to be blind, but there’s a lot of information on that tiny screen, and we don’t want to miss a pixel of it.

If you find yourself constantly looming over your screen, maybe you should try using this Screen Magnifier. It can be used with Android and iPhones alike, and won’t need any special treatment aside from an occasional polishing with a soft cloth. This is made of ABS plastic, and won’t need any batteries or charging since it’s just a magnifying glass that was designed specifically to make phone screens appear bigger.

Since it holds up your phone and turns your teeny screen into a 7.6” display, it’s not completely unreasonable at $14.99. Since you’ll have to adjust the screen and light to get it just right, this is not a completely foolproof system. It’s a neat idea that couldn’t be done as comfortably with a regular magnifying glass, but can only be used for watching videos, as your hand getting in the way of the screen is going to show on the lens.

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