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We all Scream for… Pizza Cones?

Oh yes, I am a huge pizza fan and living within reach of some of the most famous pizzerias in the world sure doesn’t help to save me from my addiction. It’s all about the crust, it must be crispy, with just a hint of doughy-ness, all with fresh ingredients (you can always tell when the toppings are fresh) Since I know all the criteria, maybe I should make some pizza myself. Maybe, I should make something even cooler than a plain old pizza… I know pizza is pretty much the perfect food, but I still want to tell you about Pizzacraft’s Grilled Pizza Cones, a nifty little pizza making set, that allows the dough to be cut, then formed on nonstick cone molds, and then filled with all your favorite toppings, kinda like a calzone, but baked, and served in a little non-stick cone holder, giving your homemade pizza presentation an huge dash of cool-factor. The Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cones set comes with 6 pieces, including a dough cutter, 2 cone molds, 2 cone baking stands, and a dough crimper. The products are made with a non-stick surface and, of course, an instruction booklet that includes a few recipes. I see some pepperoni and ricotta cheese in my future. You can get one too, at for around 25 bucks. And hey, don’t forget the Chianti.   ]]>

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  1. Great way to enjoy is quite handy and a great way to install it in parties. Am sure kids are gonna love it.

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