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This Scratching Post has Lasers to drive your cats insane


Cats have a point in the day when they go as close to insane as possible. Their eyes dilate, their tails twitch wildly, the claws come out, and they run at full speed to nowhere in particular. These are around the times where the best cat videos on YouTube are made, mainly because all good sense of judgment seems to leave them, and they attack themselves, the ground, and air, likely in a fit of primal madness.

If you want to make sure your cat (or cats) have something to do during these hours they are bewitched, then this Laser Chasing Scratch Post might help. This looks like your standard black scratching post, but has a laser that will zip your furry friend’s greatest enemy around the room without any effort from you. The patterns it runs in happen at random, so you won’t have to worry about your cat being bored of it after the first few uses.

The laser runs on four different speeds, meaning that your feline’s instincts are bound to kick in during one speed or another. Since cats go a bit nuts after they hunt the dreaded red dot, your furniture will heave a sigh of relief as the scratching post will take care of the murderous rage that must subside before they can return to cuddling you by sitting on your face while you try to sleep. This is a $79.95 purchase that is sure to keep your kitties entertained, and you short of AA batteries as you’ll need 3 of them at a time to keep this thing running.

Available for purchase on Hammacher