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SCOSCHE’s strikeDRIVE Car Charger touts itself to be world’s most powerful

eztipModern day road warriors will be able to identify with this sinking feeling in their stomachs – that of not having enough juice to power whatever device that are in their bags and pockets at that point in time. It looks like SCOSCHE intends to put a stop to all of those worries while you hit the road, and they want to do so with the SCOSCHE strikeDRIVE Car Charger which proudly claims to be the world’s most powerful car charger of its kind.

Of course, being the world’s most powerful car charger is one thing, but does it do more than that? Good news to those who were wondering about the same question – it comes with an EZTIP Reversible Micro USB Connector, which is a new kind of connector technology. This powerful 12 Watt, 2.4 Amp car charger will make use of the aforementioned reversible micro USB connector in order to be inserted into smartphones, tablets and other micro USB powered devices – regardless of the way you insert it, which means there are no worries of having the micro USB connector experience any kind of damage – be it on your device, or the cable itself. Sorta like the USB Type-C connector which has started to pick up steam in recent times.

The strikeDRIVE Car Charger with EZTIP Reversible Micro USB provides users with convenience and safety while on the road, as one no longer has to fiddle with the device and cable. The convenient low-profile design fits flush in most vehicles power outlets, and it sports a 3 foot coiled cable, enabling easy and tangle-free cable management. Those who are interested in the strikeDRIVE Car Charger with EZTIP Reversible Micro USB will be able to pick it up for $24.99 a pop. It would certainly make your travels on the road a whole lot easier as you need not run the risk of fumbling around anymore.

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